Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit organization, Hosanna Community relies on volunteers who donate graciously of their time and talents.

We’re looking for a few good cooks.  Actually, we have some great cooks right here at Hosanna, but we’re looking for groups or individuals who would be interested in coming to Hosanna on a regular basis to prepare a meal and get to know the residents.  Our evening meal is an important part of the day at Hosanna.  As each house gathers around the dinner table, its residents share more than a meal – they share their lives. We believe it is important for our folks to interact with lots of different people.  This isn’t a problem for some of our residents who are off-property every day and have very busy lives.  For other residents, it is a problem since they do not have as many opportunities to meet other people.  We love having company and it helps to keep our community  engaged.  We have several groups and one family who currently bring dinner and provide fellowship each month.  Won’t you consider joining us?

Do you like to paint?  We’ve got indoor and outdoor options for your small group!  There are several recently vacated bedrooms that need a fresh coat of paint before any new resident moves in.  In addition, our “Treehouse”, an out-building used for activities has recently undergone some foundation work and we need to add another coat of paint.

Looking for a different kind of involvement?  We are governed by a volunteer board of directors.  Perhaps you feel better suited to serve in that capacity, or on one of our board committees.  Please contact Carolyn Rice, our board chair, or Susan DiStefano, our executive director, for more information.

If you would like to volunteer your time and talent at Hosanna Community, contact us at 870.6880.