Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and go as I please? Yes, residents are free to leave and return as they please. We ask that the staff be notified when you leave and when you plan to return. We don’t keep tabs on residents, but we do like to know who is on the property at any given time.

How late can I stay out?  Your time is your own.  We do not dictate when you can and cannot be out. We simply ask that you notify staff of your plans so that arrangements can be made. We do have quiet hours starting at 10:00 pm. Residents are asked to be in their rooms by this time out of consideration for other residents’ work schedules.

Would I have my own private room?  Yes, each resident has his or her own private room with a large wheelchair-accessible closet, vanity with wash basin, internet and cable TV access.  Residents are expected to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean.

What is included in the rent?  Your room, three meals a day, transportation on the Carta Care-a-Van, some activities, basic cable, and internet access.

How many residents do you have? We have two residential co-ed homes located on 7 acres of land. Each house accommodates up to 10 residents.

How are meals handled? Residents are asked to prepare their own breakfast and lunch. Nutritious food is provided for these meals or residents may provide their own special items.  The evening meal is prepared by staff and is served family-style, with all residents gathering at the table for the meal.

What about bathroom facilities? Each resident shares a bathroom with one other resident. The bathroom is wheelchair-accessible with a shower and toilet.  Neither house has bathtubs.

Would I have my own telephone or telephone number? No. Each House has a phone that residents may use. You can purchase your own cell phone if you require it.

Is there Internet access? Yes, each house is equipped with internet access.

Could I bring my own furniture? Yes, each resident is expected to furnish his or her own furniture, bed clothes, towels, etc.

How do I get to a doctor’s appointment? Hosanna provides daily transportation to rehabilitation sessions, volunteer assignments and work locations. We do this through a partnership with the Carta-Care-a-Van, a service of the Chattanooga public transportation system for individuals who would have difficulty navigating the public bus system.  Residents are picked up at Hosanna and dropped off at their destinations.  Transportation with Carta must be scheduled in advance. We encourage family members or friends to help with transportation to doctors, shopping and church.

Can I do my own laundry? Yes, residents are expected to take care of cleaning their own rooms, bed linens, towels and clothing on their assigned laundry day.  Hosanna has two washing machines and two dryers in each house.  Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc. are NOT provided.

Are overnight guests allowed? Yes, occasional guests are allowed. Prior approval is required.

What time is “lights out”? We are a community and many residents work, attend training or are involved in rehabilitation. We ask that residents respect one another’s need for quiet time, rest and sleep. After 10 PM on weeknights and 11 PM on weekends, we ask that residents be in their rooms.

Can I have a car?  Yes, those who are able to drive are free to bring their own transportation.  Responsibility for upkeep is entirely up to the resident.

Do I need a car?  No, Hosanna staff has access to vehicles and we utilize the Care-a-van service.  In addition, there are many shops and restaurants within a short walking distance.  Residents are not permitted to drive Hosanna vehicles.

How was Hosanna started?  Hosanna was born of a human need.  A mother was looking for a family-like place for her son, born with cerebral palsy, to live when she and her husband were no longer able to care for him.  Her son was able to live fairly independently, but needed a “safety net,” not a nursing home or assisted living facility.  Unable to find anything like this near home, this mother determined to build a facility specifically designed for adults physically challenged by accidents, muscular dystrophy, war, cerebral palsy, stroke, and various other causes.

When was Hosanna started?  In 1992, Hosanna was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Located on a seven-acre site in Hixson, Tennessee, Faith House was completed in 1996 and Hope House opened in 2002. Here, adults with disabilities are able to live independently and in community at the same time.

How is Hosanna funded?  Funding comes from generous donors, foundations, and churches, as well as through rent paid by each resident.  In addition, Hosanna recently became approved by the Chattanooga Housing Authority to receive housing assistance payments.  Qualified residents will receive a voucher for assistance with rent and this payment goes directly to Hosanna.

How is Hosanna governed?  Hosanna is governed by a volunteer board of directors, and is managed by an Executive Director and Assistant Director.  Each house is managed by direct support staff.